To Whom it May Concern: Louise Bourgeois

and Gary Indiana

Originally published in a large-format limited edition of seven copies, To Whom It May Concern pairs Louise Bourgeois' luminous male and female torsos with Gary Indiana's prose poems, in a meditation on physicality, sexuality and relationships. This publication reproduces this artist's book--one of the last projects Bourgeois completed before her death in 2010--in a reduced, collectable format. Bourgeois' headless bodies, printed en face in erotic stand-off, represent male and female at their essential: swollen bellies, heavy breasts and engorged phalluses, all rendered in rich pinks, purples, reds and blues. Indiana's short, visceral but lyrical texts are interspersed throughout in an electric blue typewriter font, conversing with these images through an unconventional non-narrative on the limits of flesh, desire and intimacy. Simple and elegant in design, and exquisitely printed, To Whom It May Concern throbs with stripped-down eroticism and the sensualities of image and language juxtaposed.

Featured image, by Louise Bourgeois, is reproduced from To Whom It May Concern, the gorgeous new edition of the large-scale artist's book that Bourgeois produced in collaboration with noted American writer, filmmaker and visual artist Gary Indiana shortly before her death in 2010. Originally produced in an edition of just seven numbered copies printed in archival dyes on cotton cloth by Dye-namix, New York, the new edition faithfully reproduces in reduced size Bourgeois' beautiful color-wash male and female torso images with Indiana's word-poems, creating a meditation on relationships, sexuality and physicality.

This book can be purchased directly from the gallery